6-Week Climbing Series

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Climbing Training Series

Jenny Ploss is a physical therapist at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy and has a passion for "prehab"--helping people with injury prevention rather than just post-injury treatment. She is an accomplished rock climber who trains some of Albuquerque's strongest climbers, with an emphasis on form and longevity. Jenny will guide you through a 6-week training series with weekly workouts and climbing homework assignments to help you climb harder, climb safer, and climb longer.


These are self-organized groups that start when you are ready.  You can either get a group of 4-6 people together to train, or you can let me know you're interested and I'll let the rest of the climbing community know so we can get a group of people together who are at about the same level.
6-Week Series include:

  • Entry and exit strength and movement testing and goal-development/assessment
  • Weekly training sessions at our training space, with emphasis on safe and efficient movement
  • Weekly "homework" sessions you do on your own inside or outside to improve your rock climbing
  • An awesome group of people with whom to train!

Team Mojo Wedensday Night Series:

Next session starts this week (April 18th)!  You can purchase sign up with the first button, and if you're not directed to purchase, you can purchase your pass with the second button below, and we will see you tonight!