You should join us, and here's why.


MoveTru is an innovative, collaborative space in which our certified MovNat trainers work intimately with the physical therapists at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy.

MovNat Classes: We believe that everyone can move better and accomplish more (and more fun) movements than they currently can. We incorporate elements from MovNat, Parkour, rock climbing, sport training, and physical therapy injury prevention resources into our classes.  Movement training at MoveTru is fun, functional, and progressive.  Join today and realize your movement potential.

Return to Sport Training: Julie Holt, ATC works with athletes who are returning to play after an injury. If you are done with physical therapy and are not quite performing at the level you need to in order to return to full play, Julie can help you get there. Our physical therapists often work with Julie to help our Albuquerque athletes to return to the high level of performance they require after an injury.

Injury Prevention = "Prehab": We provide skilled injury screenings for individuals and sports teams, so that you can get a better idea of where your vulnerabilities lie PRIOR to being injured.  Contact Julie to set up a screening today and start being proactive!  We also host injury-prevention workshops for rock climbers, which include lots of movement practice to help you move better on the rock and make your climbing career longer and more enjoyable.


About MovNat

MovNat is a physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. The goal is to train physical competence for practical performance.

MovNat emphasizes progression of movement in order to perfect the building blocks prior to performing higher level movements. You will get to attempt your goal movements frequently, but will be guided through an engaging progression and fitness program in order to acheive those goals.


What to Wear

We do our workouts on a soft turf (artificial grass) surface.  Because the turf is new, it is a tad pokey, so we recommend wearing pants that cover your knees, and a short sleeve shirt (rather than a tank top).

We do most of our movements barefoot (unless you have toe/foot problems that keep you from working barefoot, in which case you are welcome to wear shoes!), but please also bring/wear fitness shoes in case we go outside or do work on the harder surface for climbing and jumping.