Return to Sport Training with our Athletic Trainer, Julie Holt

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What is Return to Sport Training?

Julie Holt, ATC works with athletes who are returning to play after an injury. If you are done with physical therapy and are not quite performing at the level you need in order to return to full play Julie can help you get there. Our physical therapist often work with Julie to help our Albuquerque athletes to return to their high level of performance they need after an injury. 

You could work with Julie if...

  • You have been discharged from PT but are not ready to return to play, or have not yet met your prior level of performance.
  • You have a minor injury not requiring physical therapy, but which is interfering with your play or which you would like to have checked to see if you need athletic training, physical therapy, or to see a doctor.
  • Your school's athletic trainer is very busy--yep, you can come work with Julie instead!
  • You don't want to or need to use insurance--you can self-pay to work with Julie, and it is often as affordable as a copay.
  • You want or need sport-specific rehabilitation and training, to enhance your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

Make an appointment today with Julie, or see if this is right for you or your child: