MovNat Classes

We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 6 people, so that we can tailor each class or series to each individual.

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MovNat Group Class Refine MoveTru ABQ

Join us! Your first class is free, and if you have been discharged from physical therapy at Langford recently, you get a free post-rehab consult AND a free first class!


Low intensity. Gently restore movement abilities.

This is our gentle MovNat progression, for people who want to spend more time working through the MovNat skills.  We will spend time introducing and refining ground movement skills (rolling, getting up off of the ground, balancing and lifting safely), then build from there when you’re ready.  We’ll help you build a solid base to get you ready for some of the more advanced movement progressions. 


Mixed intensity. Refine skills and movement patterns to progress and push your potential.

These are our standard MovNat class which progress a little more quickly, and introduce more advanced movement skills, including vaulting, jumping, hanging, swinging, carrying and throwing.  We will hep you progress through these movements, while giving you a great workout and helping make your movement better, safer and more efficient.Choose Refine I for your first trial of MovNat, and progress on to Refine II when you and your instructor decide you've got the skills to do so!


High intensity. Evolve to the next level of performance and learn higher level skills.

This is our advanced MovNat class which builds off of your refine base to dynamic movement skills and incorporates higher level parkour movements, including vaulting, jumping, climbing and balancing.  It’s taught by Jason Ploss, one of our Level II instructors, and it’s amazingly challenging, fun, and rewarding!  In order to enroll in Evolve classes, you must demonstrate proficiency in the Refine skills. Talk to you instructor today if you're ready to push to the next level!


MovNat for Bone Health

Low intensity. For those with or worried about osteoporosis.

This series of classes is geared toward people who either have a diagnosis of osteoporosis/osteopenia or who are interested in a fitness class which can help preserve bone density and prevent falls.  It’s a great group of women, and super fun!  These classes are taught by Jenny Ploss, a physical therapist and certified Level II MovNat instructor.

MovNat for Climbers

High intensity. Improve your climbing-specific strength and movement skills.

Jenny Ploss teaches this class for rock climbers or those who have a hanging and climbing background.  Work on climbing-specific mobility, movement skills and strength while incorporating oppositional movements to balance your body out.  These are super challenging and fun!