Thanks for learning about running injuries with us.

Thank you for attending our running workshop!


We love getting to teach engaged audiences about injury prevention, and what components of training and cross training you should really pay attention to (and what you might let slide).  If you’re looking for a good cross training program, come try a MovNat class (you can learn more about them here). Remember to use your code for 10% off memberships after your first free class: RUN2018

Now what?  Keep up to date and catch the details you missed with our blog.

In case you were overwhelmed by the amount of information that was presented, follow our blog online or find us on Apple News for regular updates. We will be posting regular follow-up articles going into more detail on some of the topics covered at our workshop.

Thank you again, and please be sure to swing back in, either to see a PT for an injury, work with Julie for an injury risk screening, or to try a MovNat class or run on the AlterG.