Our Training Team


We have the most innovative movement training program in Albuquerque.  Our team includes an experienced physical therapist, an athletic trainer, and a high-level MovNat instructor.  We each contribute to programming, and confer on progressions and individual clients when needed in order to make youre experience well-rounded, individualized, and safe.

All of our trainers are MovNat certified, which means they’ve been trained in and have perfected the movements they're teaching. They know how important it is to be able to modify and progress, to keep you healthy and improve your movement.

Jason Ploss MoveTru Fitness Instructor MovNat Level 2

Jason Ploss

Certified Level II MovNat Instructor

Senior Fitness (Our Restore Series)
Parkour Movement Training
High-Level Movement Training (Our Evolve Series)

Jason is an accomplished rock climber who excels at movement and who SEES how to help you move better.  He has recently joined the world of parkour and is already able to use his movement skills to progress to high levels of performance.  Although he can perform high-level skills, Jason loves to teach our slower progressions to help people transition from the floor or get out of a chair better.  He brings a friendly, encouraging and motivating energy to all his clients and classes.

Jenny Ploss MoveTru Fitness Instructor MovNat Level 2

Jenny Ploss, PT, DPT

Certified Level II MovNat Instructor

MovNat for Bone Health (Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention)
Climbing-Specific Strength
Injury Prevention

Jenny is a physical therapist at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy and has a passion for "prehab"--helping people with injury prevention rather than just post-injury treatment. She is an accomplished rock climber who hosts regular injury-prevention clinics at Langford and who trains some of Albuquerque's strongest climbers, with an emphasis on form and longevity.  She approaches her own training with determination and variety and brings that same attitude to her classes and clients.

Julie Holt MoveTru Instructor Athletic Trainer Return to Sport Albuquerque MovNat Level 1

Julie Holt, ATC, LAT, MCT, ITAT

Certified Level I MovNat Instructor

Balance Training
Return to Sport Training
Injury Prevention

Julie is the athletic trainer at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy and for the Albuquerque Sol who works with athletes of all levels. She has a passion for sports and brings that energy to her return to sport testing & training and to her movement classes.  Julie also loves variety of movement and incorporates fun combinations into her training and classes.