Recap: Run for the Zoo 2018

We went out to support our Albuqueque BioPark & Zoo on Sunday, May 6th for the 33rd annual Run for the Zoo.  We were blown away by the enthusiasm and sheer numbers of people out enjoying the perfect weather and great atmosphere at the zoo.

Here are a few highlights from our Sunday morning at the zoo:

1. We had so many people stop by and talk to us about our MovNat classes and physical therapy! 

We enjoyed meeting a bunch of runners and walkers, and talking with you about your goals, injuries, and interests.

Run for the Zoo 2018 MoveTru booth MovNat
Run for the Zoo MoveTru MovNat booth 2018

2. We raffled off three super awesome prizes, and here are our winners:

The MoveTru Hydroflask

Won by: Brenda

4-Punch Class Pass

Won by: Jared

MoveTru Jackalope T-shirt

Won by: Kelsey

3. We got to see our own Langford & MoveTru family run, with impressive results:

Anna Luna, PT

Anna is an amazing physical therapist at Langford Sports & PT, and happens to also be an incredibly talented runner, mother, and wife.  She rocked it at the Run for the Zoo this year!

Thanks for stopping by, and please come in some time soon and use your code to come to your first MovNat class for FREE.

Also, don't forget that you can come in and get our super cozy Jackalope T-shirt, designed by local artist Aaron Stromberg, for $15 instead of $18 with code ZOORUN2018.