MoveTru Member Blog -- Bonnie

Meet Bonnie.

Bonnie is an occupational therapist, cyclist and MovNat convert who comes twice a week to train at MoveTru.  She's always been supportive, engaging, and thoughtful, and now we get to see her twice a week at MoveTru.

Julie teaches the Tuesday and Thursday morning classes, and says that Bonnie is "super determined.  She has been making huge gains in her movement skills, and has been noticing lately how many new skills she has acquired that she couldn't do before.  Bonnie makes class so much fun.  She's always joyful and energetic, even at 7:30 in the morning, and always pushes to complete as many rounds of her combo as she can."

Here's what Bonnie wrote about what makes MoveTru special:

MovNat has the advantage of being rooted in movement fundamentals and natural, functional movement that helps to both strengthen and balance movement patterns to help our bodies learn a healthier and more efficient and effective way to keep moving longer.  I have worked out and engaged in many sports, but hadn’t found a gym that focused on really training safe and healthy movements that carried over to all the sports I participate in.  MovNat is effective in strengthening and retraining movement patterns to prevent injuries during my activities.

About her proudest moment, Bonnie says, "I don’t know if I have a proudest movement, but I do think the knee taps are pretty cool.  And learning to roll and vault was pretty cool too."  Bonnie has been progressing through the vaults, which involve moving your body safely and efficiently over an obstacle.  We learn a variety of vaults, and nearly everyone gets to a point at which they can perform at least one of the vaults--and it's so rewarding!

Bonnie says that " Slowing down and focusing on the quality of my movement rather than on my strength or flexibility in isolated movements has been extremely helpful."  She's always so engaged in classes, emphasizing form rather than speeding through movements.  And it has paid off.  Bonnie is now swinging up on top of the bar, crawling much farther than most of us, and her balance skills are amazing.

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