MoveTru Member Blog -- Lynn

Meet Lynn.

Lynn has competed in several obstacle races, and brings that intensity and enthusiasm to MoveTru.  She has utilized our Injury Risk Screenings by Julie Holt, ATC to determine whether she's at risk of injury, and she also works hard in both MovNat classes and in her individual Return to Sport Sessions with Julie.

Here's what Lynn wrote about MoveTru:

Why do I love MovNat? Because I feel stronger, more coordinated, and my balance is better than ever. When I catch myself on an uneven curb or balance across a narrow sidewalk, I know it’s because of the confidence and capability I’ve gained from these natural movements. Getting in/out of the car, walking in the foothills, putting your bag in the overhead compartment, reaching up high on a shelf for that bar of chocolate, crawling in the back of the kitchen cabinet for that dusty bread maker, or opening a jar of bread and butter chips; these functional movements maintain good quality of life.

Why do I come to these classes twice a week? Other than the fact that feeling good is addicting, and so is MovNat, it’s because at 67 years old, I want to keep moving like this for a long time! And it’s fun!

What else? MoveTru is a judgement-free zone. Whether you are already fit or the only moving you do is to get to the fridge; Julie, Jenny and Jason want to help you move better. They are all well trained in their respective fields; athletic trainer, physical therapist, and certified MovNat instructors. They communicate with each other and know what is happening with your classes so there is continuity in your workouts. An added bonus, if you are having physical therapy at Langford, like I was, they coordinate with your therapist for appropriate movements. And an extra added bonus, the first class is free!