MoveTru Member Blog -- Ed

Meet Ed.

Ed is a true MovNat convert, practicing 2 days a week in our higher level "Evolve" classes, and doing all his house and yardwork in MovNat positions. We can't imagine an early morning without Ed working hard!

I asked Ed a few things, and here are his responses:

1. What makes MovNat special?

The biggest thing I can say here is how easily it integrates into everyday life.  With other fitness programs, you partake in the classes or training, and then go about your regular, daily life.  While not inherently a bad thing, it can be better.  With MovNat I find myself literally moving my body in different, more healthy and balanced ways as I traverse through my daily activities.

2. What was your most proud moment at MoveTru?

Difficult to choose from so many, but I will reference two different techniques which I was able to master:

First was the vaulting, specifically the kong vault (insert appropriate MovNat name here - ha!).  Following an epic fail (no injuries) while learning the first time, I revisited the same vault a couple of weeks later, surprised to find some physical and mental trepidation about not wanting to fail again.  It was such a great feeling to work through that and study both the technique and my resistance, and finally master it again - even doing two in a row during a combination workout!

Second was another combination - kind of a precision jump with a tic-tac (jumping and pushing off a wall with one foot).  So, the object here was to run up to the first box, launch off that to the wall, kick off the wall, over a vaulting tower, and then precision land on the second box.  After struggling a little on this, I realized I was looking at the combination as a whole, and ignoring the individual pieces.  After that revelation, I was able to easily and accurately perform the combo by focusing first on landing/foot placement on the first box, only then looking at the wall for proper foot placement, and finally looking at the second box only after launching off the wall, and finally executing a perfect landing.  The combination took care of itself by focusing only on the individual steps.  A great life lesson!

3. What has been the most important thing you learned at MoveTru?

I'll need to reference the first question here - better movement throughout my daily life.  Walking through a parking lot I'll traverse the concrete curb stops to practice balance; pulling weeds I'll perform shrimp squats (again, insert the correct MN term) as I move from weed to weed; if I'm hiking, there are infinite possibilities to practice precision jumping which significantly enhances the hike; reaching and lifting I'll most always check for proper shoulder position first.

4. Any tips for newcomers? 

Just try it, please!  This is truly a program that has no barriers for age, gender or fitness level.  If for no other reason than adding balance to your life (and who doesn't need that...), you owe it to yourself to simply try a class.  And, if you're already an active athlete, this practice can only serve to enhance whatever sport or activity you are currently involved with.